Foodie Tour in Iran: Street Food You Must Try


Street food in many parts of the world is not for the faint-hearted. You can’t expect certain of level of hygiene or even its quality. However, ever wonder why most people love them so much? Let’s be honest, street food usually tastes better than the food sold in a restaurant. Won’t you agree?

Street food in Iran is considered as a staple food. There are no restrictions on the kind of food that can be sold. Stalls sell anything that is edible to eat anywhere in the city. The tourist does not need to worry about the food that they eat in the streets of Iran.The mouthwatering aroma of roasted corn and cooked fava beans would surely entice people to stop and buy something to feed their hungry stomachs. Street food in Iran varies from veggies, fruits, and baked goodies.

Here are the lists of street food that you should taste when you are in Iran:


There are fruits in Iran that are very seasonal and tend to be expensive like these Greengages. These are green plums which are harvested before it becomes squishy and changes its color. Greengages are sour which are usually served with a sprinkle of salt. These fruits are popular among children.

Persian Saffron Ice cream and Faloodeh

Your trip wouldn’t be complete without having a scoop of the famous Persian Saffron Ice Cream and Faloodeh. Faloodeh is a cold dessert made of thin vermicelli noodles. The thin vermicelli noodles are made of cornstarch mixed with syrup of sugar and rosewater.

Faloodeh should be garnished with lemon juice and must be served with saffron ice cream. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the two must be combined together. However, having them both would give you a perfect dessert that you will surely enjoy.


This street food is very popular during autumn. Samusa is a yummy roasted goodie with a variety of fillings. Some would prefer to fill it with sausages and meat. Samusa originated from the South of Iran.

Cooked Fava beans

Cooked Fava beans are popular as street food during winter. Its aroma would surely make your stomach hungry. The smell of the Cooked Fava beans does not come from the beans but to the combination of lemon juice and Persian hogweed powder which is put into it.