Forget Alcohol, Take a Sip on Persia’s Best Beverages

Sour cream

They say that Iranians are well-known for their hospitality and kindness to tourists. When you visit and Iranian house, you’ll surely be surprised of how the people there treat their visitors. Visit them on a hot summer day and you will be served with a cold sugary drink which they call “sharbat.” This kind of beverage is composed of several ingredients like sour cherry, key lime, quince, etc…).

Some of you may be hesitant to drink it but once you take a few sips of it, you will start to realize that it suffice the thirst that you feel in the summer time. Sharbat is poured into a tall glass and is topped with ice water and grated cucumbers garnished with fresh mint.

This syrup is also used as a dip for young leaves of romaine lettuce every time there are parties and picnics in the house. Cut a grapefruit in a half and drizzle it with this syrup. This will surely complete your summer experience Iran.

Sharbat which is derived from fruits and herbs is rated as one of the best beverage served to people because of its health giving properties. This is a good substitute for people who do not drink alcohol.

Sharbat’s Ingredients

Sharbat is composed of sour cherry, quince with lemon, peppermint, anise, mulberry, rose, pomegranate (aka grenadine), orange and hibiscus.


• 250ml water
• 350g sugar
• Four tablespoons white vinegar
• a dozen sprigs mint

The Preparation Process

Here is a step by step process of preparing sharbat.

1. Place the water in a pan, add the sugar and bring to the boil.

2. Bubble for ten minutes and remove from the heat and add the vinegar.

3. When it is a bit cooler, add the mint, pour into sterilized bottles and chill until needed.

4. Serve frappé style with cucumber and extra sprigs of mint for a virgin cocktail.

Middle Easterners have found a way to make it fresh. They turned it into smoothies with melon as its ingredients blended with ice and rose water. There are times in the summer that Iranians are gorging on melons because they believe that it can lessen the feverish heat of the summer.

Yogurt and Arak

Yogurt is another beverage that Iranians love to drink. It is blended with water or soda water, salt, and pennyroyal. People enjoyed drinking this during the hottest days of the year. This beverage is the best accompaniment to kebab. The idea of this type of beverage is that it slakes the thirst because to cool the body.

And there’s the last beverage that you wouldn’t want to miss. It’s called “arak” which means “distillate.” Araks is composed of rose water, orange blossom water, and mint water which is perfect for if you want to add flavor to your drinks.

So, those are the non-alcoholic drinks in the world. Isn’t it worth to drink these beverages instead of alcohol?