Haven’t Gone Middle Eastern? Top 5 Persian Food to Try This 2016


Persian food has an ancient and glorious history. Situated in the Middle East, where the first civilization flourished, the Iranian culinary style is authentic though influenced by its neighboring countries in the early history.

The food of Iran has a hint of Mediterranean, Asian, Greek, and Roman cuisines. It also has borrowed spices and styles from Indian food that sometimes, it could be a challenge to identify which came from where. However, we know that the taste of Persia has plenty of legacy—two millennia of saffron, water scented with blossoms of roses, cinnamon, and extensive list of aromatic spices—making the most fastidious connoisseurs smile with delight as they taste its delightful food.

While there is a stunning variety of Persian food to go on the list, these 5 essential dishes are a must on your list if you haven’t tasted one yet.

  1. Kabob Soltani – Kabob is a popular Middle Eastern food, but what makes Kabob Soltani a must taste for those who want to try the best of Persian Cuisine? Well, it’s simply because it’s a food deserved by a Sultan! In Persian Restaurants, Kabob Soltani is a combination of Barg (beef filet mignon) & Koobideh (ground beef) along with basmati rice, tomatoes, and other spices.
  2. Dolmeh – Dolmeh is a very popular Persian dish. It is comprised of grape leaves stuffed with rice and herbs. It’s a delicious appetizer perfect to start your meal.
  3. Chicken Barg – If you are very particular of your health and is afraid to eat much of red meat, there are a lot of Persian options that includes Chicken, one is Chicken Barg that is comprised of sliced chicken filet skewered and seasoned to perfection. With an open fire cook, it’s brings a mouthwatering aroma. In authentic Persian restaurants, it is served with Basmati Rice and Grilled Tomato.
  4. Lamb Shanks – Lamb is a very versatile meat, and it tastes amazing too! Persian Lamb Shanks are cooked slowly to achieve its succulent flavor.
  5. Ghormeh Sabzi – A famed Iranian herb stew, Ghormeh Sabzi is called as the Iranian National Dish, a reason we should taste it more right? And what’s more interesting is that this stew has an ancient history dating back 2,000 years! In good Persian restaurants, Ghormeh Sabzi main ingredients are fresh herbs, red kidney beans, and beef chunks. It’s best served with Basmati Rice.

Now, what are you waiting for, find the nearest Persian restaurant in your area, check these dishes out, and dine like a Sultan.