The Traditional Persian Cuisine You Should Seek Out Immediately

Salmon Kabob

World cuisine has never entered such a gilded age as it has now. More than ever, different cuisines from different cultures have been popping up in cities and towns you never knew existed before. That has only allowed many people from different walks of life to be exposed to different dishes that can suitably expand their palates. And really, isn’t that what food should do to the soul: to give people experiences they have never “tasted” before?

Well then, if that’s the case, then you should be surprised at the many surprises Persian food can have for your taste buds! With that said, here are the best traditional Persian cuisine that you should try out immediately! Read below for more!

Ghormeh Sabzi

The name sounds quite fancy, doesn’t it? Well, wait till you hear what it stands for: it essentially means “stewed greens”, and unlike the traditional image of what “vegetable stew” should look like to you, it really doesn’t taste icky at all!

And really, you can’t get more starter-ish than ghormeh sabzi. It’s basically the standard dish that accompanies every Persian cuisine that may be served in front of you, and it’s precisely because it contains all the hallmarks of what makes Persian good so unique: spinach, coriander, kidney beans, parsley, and even the occasional lamb!


Who wants to eat rice that is burnt beyond recognition at the bottom of the cauldron? Apparently, Iranians do, and they do it with style, too! They scrape all the rice at the bottom in its full-bodied glory, and then added with saffron. See, it’s quite simple, isn’t it? Well, that’s what Asian cuisine is, in a nutshell: it takes all the “undesirable” parts of certain foods, and then remake them into something new. If that’s not DIY, then we don’t know what is!


Yes, as cliched as it may be to think, kabob is tagged as the “stereotype” of what Persian cuisine is for a reason: you simply grill some meat, and serve it skewered. However, to reduce the beauty of what a kabob offers is to deny its transcendent quality.

For one, “kabob” is not the Iranian equivalent to “barbeque”, but rather it simply stands for “meat”. However, since we are still discussing the merits of Persian cuisine here, then the meat you should be using for kabob ranges from “simple” fare like beef or chicken to the more Iranian fare like lamb. Really, it can be anything, as long as its meat.

The beauty of it is that a kabob can be prepared in any way you prefer. You can grill it over your backyard and serve it as it is , or you can serve it with rice, charred tomatoes, or even parsley bread. If there is any reason that you can point at the “relatability” of Persian cuisine, then the shish kabob is it!

So, do you have any other Persian cuisine choices that you would want mentioned here? Well, do hare it with us in the comments section below!