Tips for Enjoying Food in a Persian Restaurant

Dolmeh - Mral Cuisine

If you’ve never experience the pleasure of traveling and at the same time enjoying the unique food in an Iranian or Persian restaurant, it’s time to add for you to add it in your bucket list. Make a plan to go without delay and make sure not to miss something when you get there. Persian cuisines have wonderful flavors and fragrances. This permeate delectable food includes a wide variety of vegetables like tomatoes, rice dishes, zucchini with a combination of spices and herbs like cinnamon, saffron, cumin, and sumac. These ingredients make the food more delicious and attractive to tourists.

Persian cuisine has been a part of the history. The traditional dishes are mostly composed of the savory of fresh herbs and spices merge with the sweetness of pomegranate, cinnamon, and barberry with nuts, dried fruits and beans. These ingredients do not aim to present a distinct flavor. The real purpose of it is to keep the taste buds guessing as to what’s coming next.

Iranian food are mostly grilled which make it a healthy choice for everybody. The food in Persia has been influenced by its neighboring countries and conquered regions. Culinary influences have been shared from Turkish, Levantine, Central Asian, Greek, and Mesopotamian cuisines. There are varieties of rice dishes together with the main course in the Persian cuisine. Rice with sweet and sour cherries called Abdalo Polo is a must in every Persian dish.

Persian Appetizers

Here are the best Persian appetizers that you can try when you visit Persian restaurants:

Kashk-Bademjan. This appetizer is composed of a cooked eggplant in homemade tomato sauce topped with yogurt.

Mirza Ghasemi. This type of appetizer is made of mashed grilled eggplant with tomato, garlic & egg

Dolmeh. Have tastes with this appetizer which is made of grape leaves stuffed with rice and herbs or a crushed chickpeas, tahini paste and seasoning called Humus.

You can also try to have Babagnoosh which is made of baked eggplant with tahini paste, garlic and seasoning.

When you are eating in a Persian restaurant, it’s easier to make good choices on what kind of food to eat since all entrees are grilled. The portion that they serve is often large which makes sharing a good thing to do. The platters of rice are good for two persons, hence it is wiser to order just one platter for the two of you.

Start your mea with a plate of various dips to provide you several flavors to enjoy. For desserts, you can have a serve of baklava or fresh fruit. Add mint tea to your meal as a healthy alternative to soda and alcohol.